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  What is the KWF Passport?  

What is the KWF Passport?


Proof of KWF membership is provided through possession of the KWF passport.

Passport ownership represents proof of KWF membership and acts as the member’s identification for the KWF. All KWF qualifications must be recorded in the passport to be recognized officially. Members must carry their passport with them and show it to the appropriate representative when participating in international events organized by the KWF. 

1. All KWF members are required to purchase a KWF passport.
2. Members are recognized officially as members of the KWF when they own a passport.
3. Registration seals (renewed each year) must be affixed to the passport.

  • KWF headquarters will send the following year’s registration seal to KWF branch and organization leaders by the end of each September.
  • KWF members must put the registration seal into their passport.
  • Branch or organization leaders are required to pay the total amount of the registration fee (registration seal) to KWF headquarters by December 10th.
  • Individual members must pay their registration fee for the following year by the end of November to KWF headquarters directly and KWF headquarters will send registration seals within a week following verification of payment into our bank account.

4.  Members will receive stamps for participation in international events organized by the KWF. Those members who participate many international events will receive special privileges.

  • Those approved to be KWF members according to article 7, will be registered officially by KWF headquarters office.
  • KWF members may join any events that are held by the KWF and to receive documentation distributed by the KWF.
  • KWF members must agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of their agreement until such time that membership is terminated.
  • The Chairman of the KWF may terminate membership at any time through the approval by a Supreme Board meeting under the following circumstances:
      • Members will be terminated if they fall behind in payments.
      • Members will be terminated if they break the rules of the KWF.
      • Members will be terminated if they take any inappropriate actions against the purposes of KWF or do anything to dishonor the association of the KWF.
  •  No refunds will be made after payment to the KWF for any reasons and under any circumstances. However, refunds may be made only if a person or people are not approved as a member of the KWF by international headquarters office according to article 6.
  •  Registration of membership will be renewed each year according to article 7.

    KWF Passport
    Right: Black Passport for Dan / Left: Gray Passport for Kyu
    KWF Member Badges

Chief Instructor Mikio YAHARA
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