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KWF Philosophy

  Chief Instructor
Mikio Yahara
KWF Philosophy

Why is it that humans have a sense of awe and respect for a power that can deprive them of their lives in an instant, and also at the same perhaps see a sense of beauty in this power?

If we define Karate as a martial art of the single finishing blow, those who pursue this path must train themselves to learn technique so that each and every punch or kick, brimming with energy, bristles with the
danger of the finishing blow.

We must live to respect every moment of our life, which is always on the border between life and death.

This is where we will see the beauty in our spirit and karate technique. We must refine our technique, spirit and even our everyday’ simple actions until beauty takes root in the demeanor in our life.

The more you train yourself, the more cultivated love, the spirit of dedication and the affluent spirit will be to you.

The path of Karate is an act of art, as we as humans, bring ourselves to the creation of beauty in our nature.

Let us walk the path of KARATE together.

Chief Instructor Mikio YAHARA
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